Google Announced New Update – Google Search Console Coverage Report

google announced for Search Console Coverage Report Update

On January 11, 2021, Google announced an update to its search console coverage report, in which Google explained how to solve the issue related to indexing. This blog will learn about Google’s search console coverage report updates, what this update is, and how the  coverage report updates help indexing problems and rankings. Now let’s talk about … Read more

Request Indexing Tool is Back Again After 69 Days

google announced for Search Console Coverage Report Update

On October 14, 2020, Google Search Console disabled the request indexing tool within its URL Inspection tool. After 69 days, Google Search Console has reactivated the request indexing within its URL inspection tool. However, Google Search Console has made considerable adjustments in reactivating the request indexing. Still, Google has made a great Christmas and New … Read more

Google Core Update: Google Released December 2020 Core Update

3rd December 2020 core update

After 7 months, Google released a new Core Update on 3rd December 2020, named December 2020 Core Update. This is the 3rd core update of 2020, out of which the first core update came on January 2020, named January 2020 core update, the second core update was on May 2020, which was named May 2020 core update, … Read more

Google Update: will stop working on 29th January 2021

Google released an update on October 30, 2020: Google announced that data markup, structured schema from January 29, 2021, will stop entitling you to features and support in search results. According to this update from Google, we have to update our structured schema data markup. Using the structured data schema, in general, we give … Read more

Google Announced a Passage-Based Ranking – Latest News

passage-based ranking

Few days Google announced a passage-based ranking, and in this latest news release for the e-commerce features. I am sharing this updated with all digital marketers, so keep in touch with the latest updates and news like this passage-based ranking update. Usually, Google announced a number of changes and improvements to its search engine. At … Read more

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