Google Announced a Passage-Based Ranking – Latest News

Few days Google announced a passage-based ranking, and in this latest news release for the e-commerce features. I am sharing this updated with all digital marketers, so keep in touch with the latest updates and news like this passage-based ranking update.

Usually, Google announced a number of changes and improvements to its search engine. At this time, we can’t submit our article forcefully index on google webmaster, because of some few days its temporary disable.

passage-based ranking

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In this latest news, Google announced new shopping features for both shoppers and retailers. These features will beneficial for both.

Let’s discuss what that feature is in Passage-Based Ranking?

Passage-Based Ranking Update for Consumer and Retailers

1. Changes for Consumer Ends

  • Comparison on Price: The consumer now labeled their items to specify the price, such as: high, low, or typical to other products on Google Shopping.
  • Price Tracking: Now, Shoppers receive price tracking alerts in their Gmail.

2. Changes for Retailers Ends

  • Merchant promotions: Now merchants are available in the United States, and they will be able to show more locations across Google for both free and organic listings.
  • Smart Shopping goal: Now the new customers able to take benefits plan for Smart Shopping campaigns.
  • Google Shopping reporting: It will be available for shopping campaigns in Google Ads.

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I hope all the above-given information about Passage-Based Ranking is new for digital marketers. This information is beneficial for e-commerce shoppers.

If any e-commerce shoppers do not know about Passage-Based Ranking before reading this article, please keep in touch with me to get the latest updates and news.

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