Google Update: will stop working on 29th January 2021

Google released an update on October 30, 2020: Google announced that data markup, structured schema from January 29, 2021, will stop entitling you to features and support in search results. According to this update from Google, we have to update our structured schema data markup.

google announced update

Using the structured data schema, in general, we give the information of our website to Google Search Boot so that it can easily access all the information of our website such as our website name, URL, address, phone number, etc., so that Google There should be no problem in displaying the website in Google search engine and it should be easily visible on Google.

And we give all this information to Google through and

Therefore, due to the increasing use and popularity of, Google has taken this decision. As of April 4, 2020, this markup will not be eligible for Google’s rich results features.

Google has started this process from today, and now Google Search Console will issue a Google alert for pages using Schema so that we can update our schema ahead of time. This allows us to easily identify pages using that markup and replace the with a

For example, see the images below to see how you can convert to


Now we get a little more information about it.

Google uses the schemas to provide information about standardized formats and sharing structured data about things described by a page and page. This information is used for two primary purposes.

  1. For easy understanding of page content
  2. To enable specific types of search result features and enhancements.

To get more information like:

  1. What are structured data formats?
  2. What is a structured data schema?
  3. Data-terminology schema

Click here.

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