Request Indexing Tool is Back Again After 69 Days

On October 14, 2020, Google Search Console disabled the request indexing tool within its URL Inspection tool. After 69 days, Google Search Console has reactivated the request indexing within its URL inspection tool.

request indexing tool reactivated

However, Google Search Console has made considerable adjustments in reactivating the request indexing. Still, Google has made a great Christmas and New Years’ gift by reactivating the request indexing.

Google’s Announcement: – Google Search Central made this announcement via Twitter, in which Google said, “We’re glad to announce that ‘Request Indexing’ is back to the Google Search Console URL Inspection – just in time for the new year!”

google announcement on twitter

Reminded Some Important Things about Request Indexing Tool

Google Search Central also reminded some important things through this announcement, which is as follows.

  1. Google Search Central said that if we have a large number of URLs for our website, then we should submit these URLs through Search Console instead of using the request indexing by updating the sitemap.
  2. Google Search Central also said that requesting does not guarantee to index the submitted URLs in the request indexing, preferring only URLs with high quality and useful content.

Concluding Words

When Google Search Console’s request indexing was disabled, many SEOs and Site Owners missed it. But Google has said that the general indexing has not been affected, but the request indexing was still very much missed today. After seeing this, Google concluded that the request indexing should be reactivated.

But Google Search Central does not guarantee that the URL we submit to the request indexing will be indexed or ranked.

I hope that all SEOs and site owners will like Google Search Central’s announcement, and by now, many SEOs and site owners have submitted their unindexed URLs to be indexed in the request indexing tool.

Click here for Google Search Central’s last update, which was released on 3rd December 2020 by Google, and its name is Broad core update.