Manage search and social accounts all at once, free

Microsoft Advertising provides cost-effective pay per click advertising services across all Microsoft Search Networks. It is a platform where any business, small or medium can bid for ad placements in the search results to advertise their products effectively.

Your ads will appear next to organic results on search engines like MSN, Bing & Yahoo! when people search for any topic related to your business. The best thing about using Microsoft Advertising is that you don’t need to pay any setup or monthly fees.

You determine your best budget and will be charged only when someone clicks your search and social ads.

Expect a better ROI as your budget is automatically distributed across different platforms. It provides a central space to manage all your advertising and social media platforms efficiently and advertise across leading advertising platforms like Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The audience targeting feature will save you money. It shows your ads to people and the audience that matters to your business. Being powered by AI technology, you can relax and let it manage your bids and research keywords. Just set your goals, budget, and target audience will be well on your way.

Read along as this article covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Ads.

What Services Microsoft Advertising Offers You?


As you already know, you can use it for advertising on different Microsoft Search and social platforms what your business offers. Also, it provides services to manage analytics advertising and social media platforms—all in one place. Below in detail, is what you can expect to do with each of the services it provides.

Analytics: – With the help of one dashboard, you can review search performance metrics like clicks, ad spends, impressions across different platforms.

Also, you can review your social media critical metrics like engagements, audience growth, impressions, etc. all in one unified dashboard. Adjust all your search and social media strategies in one center.

Advertising: – Advertising using Microsoft Ads is simple and easy. Create and build ads as you like, choose automated ads or ad suggestions. You can manage and advertise your product/services on search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, and Google and also on different social media.

When it comes to budget, keywords, and getting the best ROI, you can rely on AI technology which optimizes to maximize results.

Social Media Management: – If you want to grow your business and its reach, social media is the key. And with the help of Microsoft Ads, you can manage your social media accounts efficiently.

Let’s know-how.

Firstly, all your primary social media accounts can be integrated into one central place. Setting them up is easy, and you can manage up to 10 different profiles. Keep your audience engaged, timely publish, and schedule content across your different social accounts.

Using the social management inbox, you can always stay connected to your customer and audience on social media. You can analyze key metrics of all your social media accounts in one dashboard. Strategically improve and lead your business towards growth.

Where Do You Start & How to Use Microsoft Advertising?

To get started, the first thing you need to do is Sign Up for Microsoft Ads. If you’re already familiar with Google Ads, it won’t be challenging to understand. You can import your Google Ads information to Microsoft Ads too.

You will get a desktop tool just like Google Ads editor, to manage your campaigns and other marketing activities.

To get better results using Microsoft Ads– always review your budget and bid strategy, keep your bids competitive, and allow the AI to take care of the bid management.

Target customers both in computers as well as mobile devices. And always make sure you’re targeting relevant keywords to your business. AI automation can not only manage bids but research keywords for you. Please make use of it.

Should You Use Microsoft Advertising over Google Ads?

Look, both tools are excellent for pay per click advertising, and I would suggest you utilize both of them for better cross-platform strategy results.

Remember not to optimize both of them the same way. Leverage both the tools to get an effective digital advertising strategy.

Advertisers always prefer Google Ads as it has greater reach. Still, your key strategy should be to implement efforts on both platforms.

Using Microsoft Ads, you can reach the 60 million-plus searches, which Google Ads can’t. Use both to fill your gaps in your online presence.

The critical difference is that in Microsoft Ads, there is less bidding competition and the cost per click is lower than that of Google Ads. Accompany both of them together to reach broader territories and grow your business.

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