Google Core Update: Google Released December 2020 Core Update

After 7 months, Google released a new Core Update on 3rd December 2020, named December 2020 Core Update. This is the 3rd core update of 2020, out of which the first core update came on January 2020, named January 2020 core update, the second core update was on May 2020, which was named May 2020 core update, and the third core update released on 3rd December 2020.

As we know, within a few months, Google releases an algorithm update. If we notice, it took Google 7 months to release the core update, while only releasing the previous 2 core update, it took only 5 months.

What did Google announce about the December 2020 Core Update?

Google announced this core update via Twitter, which you can see in the image below.

google announce December 2020 core update by twitter

If you want to know what this core update is about, then you can get complete information about this core update by clicking on the anchor text given below.

What can we do if we are getting a negative impact from this Core Update?

Whenever Google releases an algorithm update, it advises us that, if we are getting any negative impact through a previous core update, what can we consider? Instead of negative, we should get a positive impression.

Google also says that there will be some difference in our ranking whenever it releases an algorithm update, but this difference will be recovered in a few days. But the most significant change will be seen only when Google releases another core update in a few months.

Why Should We Always Know About Google’s New Algorithm Update?

We should always know about the new algorithm update of Google. Whenever Google updates its SERP ranking algorithm (search engine result page), then there is a change in the search results of our website, and this change is better or worse, anything can happen.

This is why, whenever Google releases a new algorithm update, it tells us what this update is about and what changes we need to make to get a better rank in the search results of our website.

December 2020 Core Update Conclusion

We know that Google has just released a new core update named December 2020 core update. Please stay connected with me to get the latest updates of Google and SEO tips.