What is an XML Sitemap & Why Yoast Sitemap URL Different from Normal?

What is an XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap provides a list of URLs to the search engine so that the search engine can easily understand all the URLs created in that website, and there is no problem in crawling.

And understand the important thing is that we should mention the sitemap in the root folder. If the sitemap is not in the root folder for some reason, then we should mention it in the robots.txt file, as you can see in the image below.

Remember that, A XML sitemap should be in root folder

What’s the XML Sitemap File Size, and How many URLs in an XML Sitemap?

As you can see in the image below, a sitemap has a maximum file size of 50 MB, and a sitemap has at most 50K URLs. If the sitemap of a website has a file size of 50MB and URLs more than 50K, they are divided into two parts. To understand it more easily, you can see the images given below.

Every SEOs should be know about XML sitemap file size and it's URL

  • Sitemap File Size < 50 MB
  • Sitemap URL < 50,000

Sitemap Divide into 2 Part: –

  • Divide in 1st Part

XML sitemap divide into 2 part, and it's a 1st part

  • Divide in 2nd part

this is 2nd part of XML sitemap

Why Yoast Sitemap Different from Normal Sitemap?

Because sitemap must be within the file size and URL count limit, this is why the URL of the sitemap of the Yoast Plugin (https://www.aadiblog.co.in/sitemap_index.xml) is different from the URL of the normal sitemap (https://www.aadiblog.co.in/sitemap.xml).

this XML sitemap is generated by Yoast plugin

Some Important things of Sitemaps Validity

  • A sitemap must be within the file size limit.
  • A sitemap must be within the URL count limit
  • The structure of a sitemap must be valid.
  • A sitemap should be accessible.
  • The sitemap must be in a valid URL format in the robots.txt file.


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