SEO Ranking Factors In 2021

8 SEO Ranking Factors in 2021 – SEOs need to Know

In this blog, we will discuss 8 SEO Ranking Factors that should happen in 2021. Keeping in mind the search intent, Google is going to release some SEO Ranking Factors in 2021 and those 8 SEO Ranking Factors are as follows: –

  • Mobile-First Indexing
  • Page Experience
  • Schema Data
  • Focus on Multimedia
  • Focus On Local SEO
  • Intent Matters
  • YMYL Pages
  • Focus On Technical SEO

Let us now go into detail about the above 8 SEO Ranking Factors.

1. Mobile-First Indexing will Now be a Part of SEO Ranking Factors in 2021.

SEO Ranking Factors In 2021 for mobile first indexing

Mobile-first indexing means, Google mainly uses content in the mobile version for indexing and ranking.

In July 2019, Google announced that all the websites would be switched to mobile-first indexing by September 2020, and Google had also informed the site owner in its search console.

But Google had to change its announcement due to Covid-19 and google changed it to March 2021 instead of September 2020 which is part of the SEO ranking factors in 2021. If anyone wants to know more about this thing, you may click here.

2. Page Experience will Also be Part of SEO Ranking Factors in 2021.

page experience is most important for SEO Ranking Factors In 2021

When a user comes to a webpage, giving that user valuable information related to his/her quarry, and giving the webpage a fast loading performance, is called Page Experience.

Since May 2021, Google has been incorporating Page Experience into the SEO ranking factors. This means that a fast and responsive website will be a positive SEO ranking factors.

But being fast and responsive is not only Page Experience, but it is a mixer of 7 elements and this 7 element is as follows: –

  • Fast Landing
  • Quick Interactivity
  • Visual Stability
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Safe Browsing
  • No Intrusive Interstitials

3. Schema Data Important for SEO Ranking Factors in 2021

Giving all information on any website such as name, address, logo, business hours, organization name, and etc., to the search engine for easy understanding, is called Schema data. Google, has continuously increased its focus on Schema data, which will part of the SEO ranking factors in 2021.

4. Focus on Multimedia

focus on multimedia for SEO Ranking Factors In 2021

Whenever images or videos are used in the content of the webpage, then optimization should also be focused on it. Such as SEO of the image, and should not upload the video directly, upload the video using the embed URL of the video.

5. Focus On Local SEO

If the website is on a local business, then it should not be limited to just Google business listings, but also more activities should be kept in mind to get a good ranking in less time.

Regarding local SEO, I have already written a blog, you can go to my old blog by clicking here.

6. Intent Matters

intent matter for SEO Ranking Factors In 2021

We do keyword research only, but together we should also keep in mind what is the intent research of that keyword. While the volume of a keyword is an important figure, we should also know what the Intent is for that keyword. This is why Google has included Intent Matter in SEO ranking factors in 2021.

7. YMYL Pages

ymyl page for SEO Ranking Factors In 2021

YMYL stands for “your money or your life”, EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) SEO is the biggest SEO ranking factors for YMYL.

8. Focus On Technical SEO

Optimizing the entire website is called Technical SEO. I have already written some blogs on Technical SEO, you can click here to visit my technical SEO blog.

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