Google Update: will stop working on 29th January 2021

Google released an update on October 30, 2020: Google announced that data markup, structured schema from January 29, 2021, will stop entitling you to features and support in search results. According to this update from Google, we have to update our structured schema data markup. Using the structured data schema, in general, we give … Read more

Google Announced a Passage-Based Ranking – Latest News

passage-based ranking

Few days Google announced a passage-based ranking, and in this latest news release for the e-commerce features. I am sharing this updated with all digital marketers, so keep in touch with the latest updates and news like this passage-based ranking update. Usually, Google announced a number of changes and improvements to its search engine. At … Read more

How Much Does Local SEO Cost? – Aditya’s Blog

local seo cost

Local SEO has a simple procedure. Local search optimization techniques ensure that the users are searching for a unique business or service in their location, which can be easily found before your competitors. For example, if the XYZ company provides SEO service in New Delhi, their aim will be on the top of the search … Read more

What is Technical SEO? and Why is it so Important? | Aditya’s Blog


When it comes to organic search engine optimization, Technical SEO is often ignored by most digital marketers. On-page, off-page, and technical SEO (search engine optimization) are the three crucial pillars of the organic marketing strategy. But the most important in the whole process is Technical SEO. Why Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so important? Because … Read more

Manage search and social accounts all at once, free


Microsoft Advertising provides cost-effective pay per click advertising services across all Microsoft Search Networks. It is a platform where any business, small or medium can bid for ad placements in the search results to advertise their products effectively. Your ads will appear next to organic results on search engines like MSN, Bing & Yahoo! when … Read more

What is Local SEO? Guide for Beginners – Aditya’s Blog


I am sure that you must have heard about local SEO, which is one of the most significant parts when we talk about digital marketing. Though, you need to have the knowledge and idea of it before nodding your head about it. One needs to know what accurately local SEO is, its significance in this era, and how … Read more