What are the technical SEO Errors, and How to Fix It?

Technical SEO Errors: As I wrote in my previous blog, what is technical SEO and why it is important for our website. If you have not read my last blog, then please check my previous blog first and then check this blog.

I am saying this because if you read my previous blog, then you will understand this blog very well because I have written about some technical SEO errors and how to fix them.

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Some technical SEO errors are shown below, and all these errors are also mentioned one by one.

Here are some technical SEO errors.

  1. UI (User Interface).
  2. Missing Alt Attribute.
  3. Content Duplicate.
  4. Broken Links.
  5. Friendy-URL.

First of all, we talk about the UI (user interface). This is the most important part of technical SEO errors.

I have taken it first because most people forget to fix it, or we can also say that it is not necessary to fix it.

But believe me, it is very important for the improvement of your website, there are 3 main parts inside it, which are given below and there is also an in-depth mention of them.

1st Technical SEO Errors. What is UI (User Interface)?

As we know, the full name of UI is USER Interface. When we create a page on our website or website, then we have to keep in mind that when a user comes to our website, he should not face any problem, such as content body, page performance, page or website speed.

  • Content Body

User Interface means that when a user comes to our website or website page, he should get the information related to it to not go to any other website and stay on our website.

If the user is getting all the information that he wants, then google improves our website ranking. Because Google understands that whatever information is given on this website is helpful for the user.

  • Page Performance

Since May 2021, Page performance or experience will become an SEO ranking factor, If you want to know about SEO ranking factors in 2021, then click here.

Page performance is an important part of the UI of technical SEO errors, which we all mostly ignore. But it is very important for our website.

We use a lot of images, videos, etc., to make our website look good from the user’s perspective so that when the user comes to our website, he will like to see our website.

But it doesn’t matter to show the website well, in addition to this, we have to keep in mind the performance of our website.

To make the website look good, we use a lot of images, videos, etc., which increase the load time of our website big.

Therefore, we should use only needy images and videos on our website, and the images should work with a size of 100kb so that the website’s load time is not large, and there is no problem with website or page performance.

Increasing load time means your website opens, but whatever images or videos you are using on your website takes a lot of time to open.

Therefore, we should use images and videos at least on our website, so that the weight of the website is not too big and as soon as the user comes to our website, he will also like to see our website and also get all that information, For which he has come on our website.

  • Page or Website Speed

Page or website speed does not mean page performance here; I have told you above about page performance.

Page or website speed is also an important part of technical SEO errors. In this, we have to keep in mind that our website is not taking much time to open?

If a user is coming to our website and sees that the website is taking too long to open, the user goes to another website without losing time. Due to this, the bounce rate of our website would increase

If our site’s bounce rate increases, then your website ranking decreases from the SERP (search engine result page).

2nd Technical SEO Errors. Missing Image Alt Attribute

Whenever we put an image on our website, blog, or website page, we often missing Image Alt Attribute or some people feel that it is not necessary to use Image Alt Attribute.

If we do not use Image Alt Attribute or forget to apply it, then it is counted in our technical SEO errors.

If we do not use Image Alt Attribute, how does this affect your SEO?

If we do not use Image Alt Attribute, or forget to add Image Alt Attribute, then it will definitely affect our SEO.

If we forget to use anchor text in the content written on our website, then Google takes Image Alt Attribute into an anchor text.

So that one of our anchors becomes the text target. And this is why we take our focus keyword only in the alt attribute of our image.

3rd Technical SEO Errors. Content Duplicate

There are many reasons for content duplication, such as canonical errors, content stolen from our website or blog by the competitors, repeated use of similar content to create backlinks, etc.

What are Canonical errors, and why is it part of technical SEO errors?

We understand Canonical errors based on an easy example.

Suppose we have a website xyz.com or http://xyz.com/, and after some time, we changed it to www.xyz.com or https://www.xyz.com/, then by Google will count it in 2 different websites, due to which its content will be duplicated and will affect SEO.

This is why it is a technical SEO error because we all know that Google counts any technical errors that affect SEO ranking as technical SEO errors.

4th Technical SEO Errors. Broken Links

Broken links are also a part of technical SEO errors. Let us also understand this as an example.

Suppose we deleted a page from our website but did not remove that deleted page from the back end, then it would be counted in broken links, which we know in 404 error.

To fix this, we can also redirect the deleted page to another page by putting 301, or if you do not want to redirect, it can also be deleted from the back end.

5th. Friendy-URL

Whenever we update a blog on our website, do not keep in mind that the URL of our blog should be a Friendy-URL.

As soon as a blog is updated on the website, then the URL of the blog automatically becomes based on the blog’s title, which is not a Friendy-URL, and it is counted in technical SEO errors.

So whenever we update any blog on our website, we must keep in mind that the URL of that blog should be a Friendly-URL.


I hope the above information will be very helpful for you. In this blog, I have only mentioned some important technical SEO errors.

If you think that in this blog, I should have used any other point, then please mention it in the comment box below so that I can also add that point in this blog.