Exploring Richest Indian Youtubers With Top Female Youtubers In India

YouTube is considered as the best video sharing platform around the world. Due to YouTube, most of the video creators in India have made massive income. They became millionaire by creating content for YouTube platform. Obviously, there are various youtubers in India who have gained lots millions of followers along with big dollars.

Do you want to know about richest youtubers in India? Do you want to know about top female youtubers in India? If your answer to above asked questions is yes, then here you are going to unveil the list of Richest youtuber In India. You will also know about top female youtubers in India.

So, let’s keep reading this post to know about top Indian youtuber creators.

Who Are the Richest YouTubers in India?

However, there are lots of youtubers in India who are making millions by creating content for YouTube, but we are going to create a list of top 5 youtubers in India who make millions as youtuber creators. We created this list keeping the popularity of the YouTube channel and followers of the same into consideration.

So, let’s have a quick look at a few richest youtuber in India.

1 – Carry Minati

Whether it is about creating a list of top 10 most popular Indian youtubers or richest youtubers in India, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of Carry Minati. His real name is Ajey Nagar. He is from Haryana, India. Initially, he started a YouTube channel on gaming, but he couldn’t grab desired success out of the same. But later, he became most popular youtuber of India just because of sarcasm videos.

He even has to face legal consequences for mentioning top people around the world. But one thing is sure that he is among the top earning youtubers in India. According to a report, he has around 4 million of assets. He has millions of followers on his two youtuber channels along with various social media profiles.

He is considered among the richest youtubers in India.

2 – Amit Bhadana

Delhi boy Amit Bhadana is known for his comedy or witty videos on YouTube. He is also considered among the top earners on YouTube platform. With more than 6.3 million net worth, he is among the richest youtubers in India. Obviously, Amit Bhadana knows how to entertain his audience by creating comedy videos on usual topics.

Amit started creating videos on an unknown video sharing site. But when he witnessed great success of his video on that site, he decided to move YouTube. Later, he became one of the most popular youtubers in India. He has millions of followers on YouTube, instagram, facebook and social media platforms.

3 – Bhuvan Bam

Net worth of Bhuvan Bam, Indian YouTuber, is about 3 million. He started uploading videos on YouTube a few years ago. Very soon, he became among the most popular youtubers of India. The key reason behind the enormous success of Bhuvan Bam as youtuber is that he creates videos for specific audience.

Here, one point should be noted that Bhuvan was the first Youtuber who gained about one million subscribers on YouTube.

4 – AshishChanchlani

Ashish started creating videos for YouTube during 2014. He became very popular youtuber just because of his comedy and witty videos. He has about 4 million of net worth. Obviously, he is considered among the top richest youtubers in India.

5 – Gaurav Chaudhary Aka Technical Guruji

Dubai-based Indian youtuber Gaurav Chaudhary is known as Technical Guruji. His YouTube channel called Technical guruji is considered among the fastest growing YouTube channels in India. He is known for creating videos about new gadgets, technology and other things.

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Who Are Top Female YouTubers in India?

There are various female youtubers in India, but we are going to create a list of Top Female Youtubers In India keeping their popularity and fan-following in mind.

Let’s check out our list of top female youtubers in India.

  • Nisha Madhulika
  • Aditi Mittal
  • MostlySane By Prajakta Koli
  • Kabita Singh
  • Dolly Singh
  • Kusha Kapila
  • Anisha Dixit

Why Are These Female YouTubers Popular?

The key reason behind the growing popularity of these Indian female youtubers is that they provide unique content to their audience. They know how to cater specific requirements of their audience. Unlike male youtubers, female youtubers in India concentrate on creating creative videos. They don’t focus on creating videos about comedy or witty situations.

Female youtubers of India know how to grab attention of their audience. That’s why they are gaining popularity more than their male counterparts.